Say ‘Hello’ to Knovi

Michael Pomerantz
Say ‘Hello’ to Knovi

Meet Knovi, a different kind of chatbot. Knovi uses artificial intelligence to help people find lawyers and to help lawyers and their clients communicate better.

The team behind Knovi includes some of the most experienced and successful minds in the legal and software development fields. On the legal side, the question was how to make a better chatbot that can exist on a lawyer’s website or in a standalone mobile application – that can help a lawyer get more promising leads and can help clients stay involved with their cases. On the technical side, the Knovi team was looking for ways to push the envelope of emerging artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring valuable service to an under-served sector.

At the beginning, that underserved sector was the world of legal marketing, and specifically those chat boxes that pop up on lawyer websites. The legal profession is relentlessly traditional, in part because of the reliance on past cases known as precedent. This professional requirement of being ‘old-school’ has made has made the ecosystem of legal support technology very slow to evolve at times. And when technological advancement that help lawyers do begin to achive adoption, it is usually limited to the exclusive realm of “big-law” where corporate clients pay fees seven digit retainers to improve their bottom line.

Knovi starts with the chatbox because that is where the attorney-client relationship starts. Without Knovi, chatbot functionality is generally outsourced to human message-takers who have neither knowledge nor interest in the potential client’s inquiry. Worse yet, these human voice-mail machines have no knowledge of the law. While it might theoretically be preferable to have a live case-worker on the other end of every chat that comes through a lawyer’s website, that would be an unrealistic luxury for any small to medium sized legal practice.

Enter Knovi. It’s a chatbot powered by machine-learning and artificial intelligence. It draws on decades of real-world legal experience to respond to the needs of an individual client. This dramatically changes how an individual user can find the right lawyer.

But matching the right client to the right lawyer is only the beginning of what Knovi has to offer. From the very first interaction with a prospective client, Knovi starts building a place where that relationship can thrive and grow. Day-one functionality includes an encrypted communication platform that easily accommodates texting, audio calls and video calls. Because of its inherent scalability, Knovi’s future developments will allow it to serve as law firm management software, handling from everything from case intake to case resolution.

Perhaps the greatest Knovi achievement is its accessibility. Knovi is ready to be your branded chatbot that can plug-and-play on any attorney website. Compared to the competition, your not going believe the price. And, attorneys can try it for free.

Knovi is also a mobile app that allows potential clients to tap into the Knovi Network of attorneys. Member attorneys get leads referred by Jurvo with no referral fee!

We would love to share more about Knovi. Check out our site, send us an email, or even text!

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